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Welcome to Magnolia CrossFit Village

Seattle's Premier CrossFit Gym

The Magnolia Difference

Experience the Difference

At Magnolia CrossFit Village, we are dedicated to the philosophy of pushing your limits and working up a good sweat. Our team of highly skilled coaches is here to guide and motivate you every step of the way. With our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with high-quality equipment, and various classes, we offer the ideal setting for you to become a healthier, stronger version of yourself.

Class Structure

CrossFit Seattle


Warm Up

Every class begins with a carefully designed warm-up specifically tailored to prepare participants for the day's workout.


Strength & Skill

With a designated lifting session, you have the opportunity to focus on a different lift each day. This approach ensures that you're not neglecting any muscle groups and allows for a balanced and comprehensive workout routine. We place a special emphasis on proper form to ensure that you are moving safely and efficiently.



Metabolic conditioning (or metcon) is a training method designed to improve cardiovascular health by incorporating various modalities and movement patterns. This approach aims to enhance the body's ability to efficiently utilize energy and improve overall fitness levels.

In a metcon, you will engage in a combination of exercises that target different energy systems in the body. It challenges and improves the body's ability to efficiently utilize oxygen, burn calories, and build endurance.

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Our Always Open Gym Policy

We firmly believe that your fitness journey should be tailored to your schedule, not dictated by ours. This philosophy extends seamlessly to our Open Gym policy under our innovative Unleashed Plan. With this membership, you have the freedom to utilize our Open Gym facility at any time during our regular business hours. You can engage in your own programming, focus on specific targets, and refine your skills at your convenience. What sets us apart is the assurance that a dedicated coach is always on-site, ready to support and guide you in your fitness endeavors. Experience the ultimate flexibility at Magnolia CrossFit Village, where your fitness journey is truly in your hands.


Get in Touch

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