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About Us


From high-quality equipment to exciting programming led by a passionate coaching team, every aspect of our gym was curated to enhance your fitness experience.

High-Quality Equipment

High Quality Equipment

Each piece of our equipment has been meticulously chosen with quality and safety in mind.

Soft boxes

Foam Plyo Boxes

Jump without fear here as our foam boxes provide a stable surface to jump on while reducing risk of injury. We've removed the chance of painful shin cuts common with wooden boxes by removing them entirely from our inventory.

High end barbells and bumper plates


Our multipurpose barbells provide a reliable spin and normal "whip" during Olympic weightlifting. You can count on each to have dual knurl marks and no center knurl. You're welcome.


And More

Our commitment to providing a well-equipped facility reflects our dedication to helping you reach your fitness goals in the most enjoyable and efficient way possible.

Programming That Excites

Our Programming

Our programming follows basic exercise science principles that are often ignored at other gyms. Through the utilization of progressive overload prescribed in a periodized manner and personalized to your specific fitness level, we will get you fitter and stronger.

The workouts are tough. If you want to be challenged, if you don't believe in the easy way out, if you want to do bad-ass things with other like-minded individuals, then you've come to the right place.


Powered by SugarWOD

Click the WODs button to view an example of our workout of the day. 

Get free usage of the SugarWOD app as a member. Record your data, track your progress, and have fun with the community on the leaderboard.

Passionate Coaching Team

Our Coaches

Our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of coaching and safety sets us apart. Every one of our exceptional coaches is not only passionate and driven, but certified, ensuring that our members receive the utmost level of coaching excellence in CrossFit methodology, movements, and workouts.


Furthermore, we go the extra mile by mandating that all our coaches complete basic life support (BLS) training. This comprehensive training equips them with essential life-saving skills such as CPR and proficiency in operating our on-site automated external defibrillator (AED). By prioritizing BLS training, we ensure that our coaches are prepared to handle any potential emergencies that may arise during training sessions, providing our members with a safe and secure environment.

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