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Class Offerings

Providing Everything You Need to Refine Your Fitness

Beginner's CrossFit

A dynamic introduction to functional fitness so you can safely start your CrossFit journey, no matter your fitness level! Led by experienced coaches, this class covers foundational movements you will see in our general CrossFit classes as well as introduce you to the various pieces of equipment we use to train functional movement. The Workout of the Day (WOD) is adjusted to your fitness level, ensuring a challenging yet accessible experience.  Whether you're a newcomer to exercise, CrossFit, or looking to diversify your routine, this class is the perfect starting point to unlock your full physical potential.


High-intensity sessions of functional movements, designed to improve your physical fitness through varied and challenging routines. We will take you through a dynamic warm up, a strength/skill piece, and end with a fun but challenging metcon (metabolic conditioning). Led by experienced coaches who adapt workouts to your fitness level, CrossFit is optimized for your safety and progress.  In a typical one-hour CrossFit class, athletes complete modified versions of the same workout together, and the coach will guide you through step-by-step.

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Ladies CrossFit

General CrossFit for Ladies only!  We've noticed countless amazing moms and hard working women wanting to dominate their fitness goals in Magnolia.  This class is dedicated to ensuring that all of you incredible ladies have ample time and comfort to conquer both the gym and the demands of your busy lives.

Forever Fit

Safe, effective workouts for mature adults who want to move well and keep moving.  This class is open to anyone 55 years or older.  So if you want to fitness with us, but less comfortable to do it around the younger crowd, this class is for you. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, our certified coaches will guide you through workouts that enhance strength, agility, balance, endurance and all aspects of functional living. 

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Team up with a workout partner to tackle the WOD together! No need to bring a partner, you will be paired up with another member in class.  Class structure will vary depending on the programming– it may involve alternating exercises, where one partner performs a set while the other rests, or simultaneous efforts, where both partners work together on different aspects of the workout.

Olympic Weightlifting

Focused instruction on the proper form and technique for the two primary lifts in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting: the snatch and clean and jerk.  This includes skill drills, progressions, and strength training exercises specifically designed to enhance performance in Olympic weightlifting. Coaches work with participants to refine their lifting technique, improve mobility, and increase strength in key muscle groups. These classes are catered to individuals at various fitness levels, from beginners looking to learn the basics to more advanced athletes aiming to fine-tune their Olympic weightlifting skills. The goal is to develop proficiency in these lifts, contributing to improved overall strength and power within the CrossFit training regimen.



Expect to work on fundamental gymnastic techniques, refine body awareness, and build strength through progressions tailored to individual skill levels. The goal is to enhance overall athleticism, agility, and proficiency in gymnastic movements, contributing to a well-rounded fitness profile within the CrossFit methodology. These classes are suitable for individuals of varying fitness levels, with coaches providing guidance to help participants safely develop and improve their gymnastic skills. This class typically incorporates exercises such as handstands, muscle-ups, ring dips, pull-ups, and various bodyweight movements that require coordination, balance, and strength.

Aerobic Capacity

Focus on training your body to utilize oxygen more efficiently, unlocking a new level of endurance and performance. You'll embark on a comprehensive fitness experience designed to enhance aerobic capacity (VO2max), improve recovery strategies, and boost both your aerobic threshold and muscular stamina. This class is a unique opportunity to delve into the science of aerobic conditioning, empowering you to optimize your training both inside and outside the gym.  Redefine your limits, enhance recovery, and transform your approach to endurance training!



These classes are suitable for experienced CrossFit athletes aiming to take their training to a more competitive level. You can expect multiple high-intensity workouts within a 1 hour session that simulate the challenges commonly encountered in CrossFit competitions. These workouts may involve a variety of movements, time domains, and skill sets to mimic the unpredictable nature of competitive events. This is a self-led class, where coaches will commonly be participating alongside members.

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